People Recall The Awful Foods That Their Parents Used To Prepare For Them

Growing up, many of us have memories of meals that were less than appetizing. Whether it was a dish that was overcooked or one that was simply not to our taste, there were likely a few meals that left us feeling less than satisfied. In this article, we’ve gathered 6 stories from people who have shared the tales of the horrible foods that their parents used to make. 

These stories range from funny to outright gross, but they all offer a glimpse into the experiences of growing up with parents who were less than skilled in the kitchen. From Jell-O salads to canned green beans, these meals will make you grateful for the advancements in home cooking and the rise of food bloggers. 

1. Fat-Free Cheese

Photo by Alexander Maasch on Unsplash

“I came up in the 80’s when self-improvement was all the rage and fat-free was the buzzword. That’s when they came up with this stuff they called “fat-free cheese”, but let’s be real, it was barely even cheese. Picture melted yellow plastic toys from Fisher Price drizzled over your steamed broccoli…”

The 80’s was a decade of self-improvement and health consciousness. Fat-free products were everywhere, and the food industry answered the call by introducing “fat-free cheese”. However, this new product was a far cry from the real thing. In fact, it was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike cheese. The texture and taste were reminiscent of melted yellow plastic toys from Fisher Price, not the delicious dairy product we all know and love. The 80’s may have been a time of health and wellness, but it was also a time of questionable food choices.



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