Cooking on the Go: People Share Their Top Time-Saving Tactics

It’s a fact of life that things can get pretty hectic at times. With the weight of different responsibilities to balance, such as taking care of kids or working a full-time job, preparing dinner may fall low on the priority list. 

However, there are numerous strategies for saving time and energy in the kitchen while still whipping up a filling, healthy, and tasty meal. Inquiring how individuals handle cooking on a daily basis while working a five-day week prompted some helpful responses. Here’s what people shared.

Tip 1: 

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“When I’m cooking pasta, I like to toss some veggies into the pot during the last few minutes of boiling. That way, the vegetables can soak up all the delicious starchiness of the pasta, which adds an extra layer of flavor to the dish. This little trick also turns many of my recipes into one-pot meals, which is a great way to save time and effort in the kitchen.”


Tip 2:

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“If you need to cook multiple items simultaneously in the oven, try dividing your sheet pan with foil. For example, if you want to roast chickpeas and potatoes, just create a thin wall using foil to separate them on the pan. This way, if one ingredient finishes cooking before the other, you can easily remove that section from the pan and continue cooking the remaining half. It’s a great way to cook multiple dishes in one go, and it’s especially helpful if you’re not a fan of your foods touching.”

—Jesse Szewczyk

Tip 3:

Photo by Nadiia Ganzhyi on Unsplash

“As someone who values simplicity in meal planning, I typically stick to a straightforward approach for dinner. My go-to is to cook one type of protein (usually chicken) and pair it with one vegetable (such as roasted broccoli). I find that this approach works well for me and eliminates the need for anything more elaborate. By planning ahead and keeping things simple, I can enjoy a satisfying and nutritious meal without the stress of having to create a complicated recipe.”




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